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Day 2 -

posted Apr 8, 2012, 7:45 AM by Christopher Ellis   [ updated Apr 13, 2015, 9:12 AM by Nicholas Butterfield ]

Day 2 (Second day on the slopes)

The weather has been glorious today with temperatures soaring up to 25 degrees in the sun – there are definitely going to be some very good goggle marks by the time we leave! Think it is also worth a mention that the staff team dominated in the quiz last night getting an almost perfect score, only to be told they could not win!

Today’s day was taken up with another day of skiing also with an injury to Harley Hutchinng. He managed to break his thumb after a spectacular jump in the snow park. The boys and girls had a wonderful time, the snowboarders also had a nice time but Kavin Verma was falling a lot. After 2 hours of skiing we had lunch which was good as it was delicious baked potatoes. Once we had lunch we went skiing and snowboarding for another 2 hours and the top boarders and skiers were all trying various tricks in the snow park and that was a lot of fun. After that we came back and here we are writing the blog.

Today’s blog was bought to you by the Year 5&6 boys – Harley Hutchinng, Jordan Talia, Max Pianta, Kavin Verma, Joshua Fisher