Out Bound 
                                        Date:                                      11.04.15                      
                                        Flight Number:                      BA724  (British Airways) 
                                        Departure Time:                    6.50 Heathrow
                                        Arrival Time in Resort:         13.30 (approx)  

                        In Bound  
                                        Date:                                      18.04.15                   
                                        Flight Number:                      BA731 (British Airways)
                                        Departure Time:                    15.25
                                        Arrival at Heathrow               16.05
                                        Arrival Time at Braywick:     18.45 (approx)           

TRAVELLING: Please wear comfortable clothing and bear in mind that, when you step off the coach in resort, you will be half way up a mountain! Please dress appropriately. 

LUGGAGE: One item of hold luggage and one item of hand luggage are permitted per person. Additional items will be charged for by the airline. Please also note that hand luggage must comply in terms of size and weight to the airlines regulations. Please see the airlines website for more information. In addition, all items are taken at your own risk so please bear this in mind when packing expensive toys! 

PLEASE NOTE:  The trip will start and finish at Maidenhead Rugby Club, Braywick Sports Centre, Braywick Road, Maidenhead, SL6 1BN